Paul R. Hammons is both an Attorney and a Certified Public Accountant. His Los Angeles-based practice focuses on Estate Litigation, Probate Administration, and Estate and Personal Tax Returns.

Mr. Hammons has helped hundreds of clients in the courtroom, in the boardroom, and at tax time. His unique educational and professional background offers his clients a “one-stop-shop” to solve all of their Estate-related needs.


Thorough estate planning is intended, in part, to minimize the chance of a serious dispute arising out of the distribution of assets or the determination of the proper roles of heirs, executors and personal representatives.

But when a dispute or contest does arise regarding a will, trust or any other estate planning vehicle, or an accusation is made that an executor or fiduciary is failing to live up to his or her duties, the Law Offices of Paul R. Hammons can offer experienced legal guidance.

An Administrator appointed by a Probate Court – or an Executor named in a Will – is responsible for overseeing the Probate process. A Probate Judge appoints an Administrator if an Executor is unnamed in a Will or if the decedent died without a Will. Usually, the Administrator is a relative or the person inheriting the majority of the decedent’s Estate.

The Law Offices of Paul R. Hammons can help you successfully navigate the Probate Administration process, and achieve the outcome you desire.

Experienced lawyers agree that most complaints made against Trustees, Executors and Administrators arise out of the failure of such persons to give a proper Accounting for what they have done. – either to beneficiaries and heirs, or to the government, or both.

The Law Offices of Paul R. Hammons can help you successfully navigate this sometimes complicated and time-consuming process. We help our clients meet their fiduciary duties, keeping them out of difficulty with family members, and at tax time.

From Our Client:

“It helps that Mr. Hammons is an attorney and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) because he can spot errors in the numbers very quickly. He is certainly worth the attorney fees that I paid him because he brought value back to me”